Thursday, October 22, 2009

Ancient Blacks in Mexico Before the Olmecs

The Black Costa Chicas or negrocostachicanos in a region where numerous artifacts have been found that indicate that Black cultures trives in Western Mexico, Belize, and Guatemala almost 2000 years before the Olmec sailed to mexico from Africa and landed on the Gulf coast of Mexico.

Below are many artifacts from Chiapas Mexico. These Blacks predate the Olmec by 100s of years.

In Belize , around 2500 B.C., we see evidence of agriculture. The iconography of this period depicts Africoids. And at Izapa in 1358 B.C., astronomer-priests invented the first American calendar. In addition numerous sculptures of blacks dating to the 2nd millennium B.C, have been found at La Venta, Chiapas, Teotihuacan and Tlatilco.

Chiapas Blacks

The earliest culture founded by Blacks in the Pacific coats region was the Mokaya tradition. The Mokaya tradition was situated on the Pacific coast of Mexico in the Soconusco region. Sedentary village life began as early as 2000BC. By 1700-1500 BC we see many African communities in the Mazatan region. This is called the Barra phase or Ocos complex.

During the Barra phase these Blacks built villages amd made beautiful ceramic vessels often with three legs. They also made a large number of effigy vessels.

The figurines of the Ocos are the most significant evidence for Blacks living in the area during this period. The female figurine from Aquiles Serdan is clearly that of an African woman.

Ocos Female

The Blacks of the Mokaya traditions were not Olmec. The civilization of the Mokaya traditions began 700 years before the Olmec arrived in Mexico.


In most history text the Ocos are presented as the original founders of Mayan civilization. As you can see from the art they do not look like native Americans they look negro like other Africans.


Leticia said...

Why there is no connection evidence of trade between the Mokaya and Olmec people's with Africa? There is no prove what type of transportation was used to navigate all the way to Mexico from Africa. There is no connection in writting, religion, dress and history of the Olmeca Mokaya, and Africans. The pure features of their art does not prove anything. The most scientific evidence suggests that the Native Americans were from Siberia. Most likely there were some intermixed people there before they arrived to the Americas. The Native Americans color varies from light skin to light brown or darker brown but not black, not they have curly hair.

R.O.L Productions said...

Leticia, good questions. The thing about features is they change over time, especially when you mix with other ethnic groups. All Natives Indigenous to America are not of pure African descent. What the Olmec's and Mokaya people prove is that African's settled a civilization before the Mayan's and the Aztecs, for no other reason than they are older and were first. The genetic makeup you see today of Mexicans is very diverse with European/ Portuguese/Spanish Colonists, Ancient Siberian land bridge migrants, Ancient African explorers, and who knows what else exactly. To your question about the languages being connected, or writing styles, its strange but the moment you're cut off from civilization you can expect your culture and language to change rapidly. Who knows, maybe there was NO writing style when the Mokaya first arrived. There is a connection Spiritually, religiously, and culturally, you can see in the dance, clothes and drums that Natives traditions mirror Tribal traditions. Also religiously the Ancient Egyptian story of Isis and Horus is very similar to the Aztec Goddess Coatlicue and her two sons. You should look it up its crazy! Also African's get a bad reputation about being jungle bunnies with loin cloths on but that image is false. Look up Mansa Musa, and even his predecessors, you'll find Ancient Mali Kings knew about America long before Euorpean's and sadly taught them how to get here.

G said...

and wheres the evidence for Beringia if where just going off of genetic evidence you have to consider the many people who claim indian where not indigenous there is alot screwed up info what if i was to say some euro government agents said that if i become an white person or an original french man or women i could have a pent house in paris then i said yes i want a pent house in paris now they change me to official original french man or women not only me but say there is a thousand more of me and we all become french and get pent houses and the government favor us all and decide we are now the new french men and women of the land but what about the actual french people ignored erased and disappear same thing similar to that which happened to the indigenous people paid to become natives and etc dna is not always the full story oh and you cant question beringia thats the accepted route of the natives well i just did and guess what else jack it also not fact its a theory i have every right to question and get an reasonable answer isnt that science

Unknown said...

Actually you have a right to research for your own answers and yes you do have a right to question just as we all do. Since you brought up the $5 Indian that goes for the same coming from Africa and getting back to it.

Unknown said...

Whether or not Africans came to the Americas before slavery is not the subject the subject the core problem is that the mix up was done on both sides by the European colonists. I'm pretty sure by this point just to get back to anything pure we would both have to go through a bit of each other's history

Unknown said...

Not to start a debate here but there is a lot of similarities in Is written language the morotic script grip has a lot of characters drawn the same and mean the same as in the Olmec writings. Check it out I think you'll find it interesting as I did