Thursday, November 19, 2009

Decipherment Indus Valley Writing

The Indus Valley script is written in the Tamil language. I deciphered this writing system back in the 1980's.

Tamil is a Dravidian language. The Dravidian people live in South India today.

The original Dravidian speakers lived in Africa. They were part of the C-Group people of Middle Africa.

The C-Group people had their own writing system. This writing system was based on the symbols associated with the Thinite script. These symbols were used to write the Libyco-Berber writing.

These symbols were also used to create the Vai writing.The Vai are a Mande speaking group that lives in West Africa.

The Dravidian languages, like Tamil are genetically related to the Mande languages. The Mande speaking people continued to use the Libyco-Berber writing as represented by the Vai script.

Since the Mande and Tamil languages are genetically related; we were able read the Indus Valley writing by giving the Indus Valley signs the phonetic values of the Vai script and then reading the signs using Tamil.

The Indus Valley seals were amulets worn by the people of the Indus Valley. The inscriptions on the Indus Valley seals are wish statements asking the gods to give them blessings and a good life of service to mankind.

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