Sunday, April 20, 2014

Teaching Common Core State Standards Social Science and History

The Uthman Dan Fodio Institute has just begun a Common Core State Standards Institute to teach  teachers how to introduce CCSS to teach their students Social Science/History.

In Common Core State Standards teaching Social Studies/History  student
participate in a number of learning activities. Students individually or in 
collaborative groups, manipulate knowledge, emphasizing the idea that 
they are  learning to learn .

In CCSS History students make inference about informational text to solve 

In CCSS History students use Annotations to master the text

In general in CCSS  History students utilize, access & evaluate informational text

In CCSS History students synthesize info and use key details to write a 
compelling narrative like historians.

CCSS Institute Program

 Common Core State Standards (CCSS) are NOW. Today schools are 
focused on preparing students for the World of Work and College. The 
varied States have chosen CCSS to drive and deliver this educational reform.
CCSS demands that Elementary and High School students become actively 
involved in their own learning.
   The CCSS demand that students become actively engaged in their own 
learning while they generate their own learning products. As a result, 
students are expected to seriously think about what they are learning while
they generate knowledge answering rigorous questions. During this process 
it is important for teachers to remember that good teaching requires explicit 
teaching of academic content across the curriculum so students will have the
background knowledge to analyze, compare and contrast historical 
documents, informational text and artifacts.

     In this program teachers learn how to encourage their  students to use 
CCSS to identify primary and secondary sources; and be able to make 
inferences based on the relationship between these diverse sources of 
information to understand historical events and ideas.
     Teachers learn how to guide their students to  use details from the text 
they read and analyze to support their conclusions. Teachers will learn how 
to use use CCSS to create social science lessons and thematic units. These
social sciences lessons will demand that students individually or co-
construct their own knowledge as they work to explore the significant 
changes that have occurred in the world, the nation  and their 
neighborhood or community over time. 

    Making inferences and drawing conclusions will be an integral part of any 
unit of study. Using CCSS students will  become involved in uncovering 
information that will be used to develop and produce creative projects that

provide valuable social science and historical information.

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