Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Do American Indians Look "Black" or Do "Blacks" look like American Indians?


The Europeans took Black Native Americans and made them slaves. Black Native Americans lived on the prime farming lands of New England, the Southeast and the Midwest.

The first slaves in the United States were Black Native Americans. Whites forced over 100,000 Native Americans to cultivate tobacco, rice, and indigo. As a result,many Black Native Americans were exterminated or sold into slavery after they had wars with the whites or other Indian tribes. Like people in Africa, the Native Americans sold each other into slavery for guns and cheap goods. The whites concentrated on encouraging the Indians to fight each other so they could buy the losing tribal members as slaves. They also kidnapped Native Americans and made them slaves. Because the Black Native Americans were farmers whites concentrated on enslaving Black Native Americans, instead of mongoloid Native Americans who mainly lived in the Southwestern United States.

Black Native Americans who were not sold into slavery had to identify themselves as 'free colored", the same as freed African slaves. This was done by the government to make sure the Black Native Americans would lose their rights to land stolen by the whites. Since most Black Native Americans were sold into slavery or identified as "free colored"they did not mix with whites. The following books talk about the Native American slave trade Gary Zellar, African Creeks: Estelvste and the Creek Nation (2007), James F. Brooks, Captives and Cousins: Slavery, Kinship, and Community in the Southwest Borderlands (2002); Tiya Miles, Ties That Bind: The Story of an Afro-Cherokee Family in Slavery and Freedom (2006); and Theda Purdue, (2005). To learn more about the Black Native Americans you may be interested in my new book: We are not JUST Africans: Black Native Americans. See:

Check out these great video on how Native Americans look like Afro-Americans.


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