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The Geno-Hamitic Theory

The Geno-Hamitic theory is a variation of the Hamitic theory. The term Geno-Hamitic is made up of two words genetics and Hamitic.

Racist used the Hamitic myth in two ways. First it was used by racist to justify the enslavement of Africans, by claiming Black people were cursed.

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Historians also used the Hamitic myth to explain why great civilizations were found in ancient Africa. The Hamitic theory maintained that there existed in Africa Blacks who had facial features similar to Europeans that were  classified as a subgroup of the Caucasian race. These “black skinned whites” were imagined by 19th Century European scholars responsible for the spread of civilization across Africa.

Geno-hamiticists adhere to the Hamitic theory  claimed that the Kushites and ancient Egyptians , along with Semitic speaking East Africans , and the Fulani are modern representatives of the Hamites.

Although the Hamitic theory has been debunked Geneticists have revived this myth in their studies of African haplogroups. As a result, the East Africans are often referred too in the genetics literature as being distinct from other Sub-Saharan Africans. Sub-Saharan African (SSA)  is the name for the Negro race in modern Genetics articles. The Caucasian and Mongoloid populations are referred too in the Genetics literature, respectively as Western and Eastern Eurasians.

Thusly, we find that Geno-hamiticists imply that East Africans, are distinct from West Africans because, they carry  allegedly Eurasian haplogroups which the Geneticists interpret as evidence of East African and Eurasian admixture. The idea that East Africans carry so-called Eurasian genes due to admixture lacks any historical and/or archaeological support. You see there is no historical and/or archaeological evidence of a back migration of any population to Africa from Eurasia.. In fact as late as 4000 BC, the population in the Levant was Sub-Saharan African, and the archaeological evidence makes it clear the migrations have been of SSA into Eurasia not vice versa.

Given the archaeological and historical evidence the presence of so-called  Eurasian genes among East Africans must be the result, of these genes originating in Africa, not Eurasia.. Moreover, the vast  majority of East Africans carry the same genes carried by the West Africans.

The genomic evidence makes it clear the Geno-Hamitic hypothesis for East africans must be abandoned, while researchers accept the fact that many so-called Eurasian genes evolved in Africa--not Eurasia.

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