Wednesday, May 13, 2020

The Decipherment of Meroitic

I have deciphered all of the major Meroitic inscriptions. My articles on Meroitic have been published in many journals including the Meroitic Newsletter, which is a journal that publishes articles om Meroitic language.
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Martiniguaise de Sciences Humaines et de Litterature, No. 8, 149-152.
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_________.(1998a). Meroitic Funerary text: Stelae and funerary tables, InScription: Journal of Ancient Egypt,1 (2), 41-55.
___________ (1998c). The inscriptions of Tanyidamani. Nubica et Ethiopica IV \ V,355-388.'

Sorry I do not write or speak Arabic as well as I use too. Between 2004-2005 Dr. Osama Elnur, published several of my articles in ARKAMANI Sudan Electronic Journal of Archaeology and Anthropology. I do not know if the Arabic translation is fine because I can not read Arabic. These translations may  help you understand the vocabulary items I use to read Meroitic Inscriptions. If you want to discuss these terms I can only discuss them in English, as a result I provide the English and Dr. Elnur Arabic translations of my articles.
In 2004, my article MEROITIC EVIDENCE FOR A BLEMMY EMPIRE IN THE DODEKASCHOINS, was published by Osama Elnur in ARKAMANI Sudan Electronic Journal of Archaeology and Anthropology,    the paper was  Translated into Arabic by Osama Elnur see:
Osama Elnur also published my paper Meroitic Religion , in ARKAMANI  in both English and Arabic    Dr. Elnur also published the article in Arabic


Meroitic Language and Literature. 2013.
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You can find many of my recent decipherments of Meroitic inscriptions on FaceBook:

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