Tuesday, June 9, 2020

We need a True History of the Nile Valley not just a History of Ancient Egypt

No one can deny that ancient Egypt was the greatest Civilization of Africa and that it led to the rise of Western Eurasia.
But we need to teach the world the role Nile Valley Kushites played in World History.
Europeans want to maintain the view that Kush was always ruled by Egypt and that Egypt was non-Black civilization. This is a false perspective. Both the Kushite and Egyptian civilizations were Black.

We must move away from this Eurocentric view of history, and look at Nile Valley Kushite history as an independent history from the history of Egypt..We are beginning to see now that Kushites were not just called Nehesy,they also called ḫ3s.t(j) beginning in Narmer’s time into the Old Kingdom, and k3š in Middle Egyptian beginning with the 18thDynasty.

The new history of the Nile Valley Kushites from Nubia up to Lower Egypt , must acknowledge that the Kushites spread civilization into Eurasia. It is a history that acknowledges Egypt as a great Black Civilization--but maintains that Egypt was mainly concerned with Egypt.

KemtUr S. Elagip has set the standard that all research and history regarding African people must meet " without discrimination and exclusion. ". To me this idea that one people or tribe can make history in isolation, is false . 

The great African empires Egypt, Kerma, Meroe, Mali, Songhay, had leaders who may have come from a partucular tribe, formed Federations or Confederations made up of varied tribes seeking One goal rising up the nation and the people of the Confederation. Ancient Black civilizations were founded on the idea of inclusion To these wise men there was no single religion or tribe better than any other tribe.. Truely, the history of the greatest Blacks civilizations were based on "WE"--not "I".

In summary Kushites possessed a worldview, which led them to explore much of Africa and Eurasia.This history will show that the civilizations of Sumer and India were also founded by Kushites from the Nile Valley. The Sumerians acknowledge their Kushite origins when they declared their kings were the kings of Kish; while in India the ancient Purana and Pali literature identifies the Nile Valley as the origin of Indian Civilization. The Puranas of India claim Kushites ruled the world for 7000 years.

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