Monday, April 8, 2013

I have just published a new book on the ancient Egyptians.

Using genetic, anthropological, linguistic and historical evidence Dr. Clyde Winters explains that ancient Egypt was a multiethnic society in which each of the 42 sepats or nomes (Egyptian administrative centers) was dominated by a different ethnic group, who probably spoke various Niger-Congo languages. It illustrates that because Egypt was a multi-ethnic and multi-lingual society the ancient Egyptian language is related to languages spoken in Black Africa. Egyptian Language: The Mountains of the Moon, Niger-Congo Speakers and the Origin of Egypt illustrates that because of the existence of each sepat originally as an independent state meant that once the sepats were united into Kemit, Egyptian scholars were forced to create a lingua franca to provide the Egyptian people with a single means of communication for governmental, religious, intellectual and commercial purposes. The genetic relationship between ancient Egyptian and Black African languages make it clear that ancient Egypt or Kemit was a Pan-African civilization and that the Egyptian language is a link language used to unite the regional languages formerly spoken in the sepats of ancient Egypt.

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