Monday, April 15, 2013

Atlantis in Mexico, 2 edition

I have just republished my book Atlantis in Mexico. This is a revised edition of my 2005 book. In the new edition I have included chapters on the Olmec Calendar and  King BiPo who's obituary is written on Cascajal stela.

Clyde Winters, PhD in this revised edition of Atlantis in Mexico gives us a history of the magnificent Olmec civilization founded by African explorers in Mexico. The Olmec civilization is recognized by many archaeologists as the “Mother Culture” of Mexico.

In this book Dr. Winters discusses the rise of the first civilization in Mesoamerica. He explains how the Olmec originated in Africa, sailed to the Gulf of Mexico, built pyramids and introduced writing to the Maya. . In the latest edition of this book Dr. Winters provides a translation of the Cascajal stela, and Olmec calendrics.

You can order the book at Createspace e-Store

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