Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Was King James a Black European?

Some researchers believe that King James, was a Black European. The picture of King James suggest that he may have been a Negro.

Here is a page from the King James ,Works, of 1616.

Below is a comparison of a fake engraving of King James.


On the left we have the original engraving, on the right a reproduction. It is clear in this comparison that in the fake engraving the artist has rounded the face of King James and made his lips thinner.The face had to be rounded , and less like the frontal hook nose of Blacks,to make the nose longer and more European. 

In doing this the artist present more neck in the fake version of King James than is evident in the original engraving on the left. In addition in this fake reproduction, King James' ear is slanted to accomodate the rounding of the face.

In the original engraving King James moustache is pointing down. In the fake King James engraving James is given a handlebar moustache.

There are other fake paintings used to imply that King James was white. The original:



The Fake King James cover:



Below is an enlargement of the King James Leviathan cover.


This enlargement of the King James’ Leviathan cover highlights the African character of King James. This picture compares favorably with pictures of other Africans/Negroes below is the picture of an Afar Sub-Saharan African.


Afar man


BigApplz said...

Doesn't it matter that King James' parents were actually White people. Mary Queen of Scots and Henry Stuart. The entire argument for a Black King James comes from renderings from lithographs and not his actual known heritage. That is unacceptable.

deek said...

Silly, if James was a " Black European", wouldnt that throw into doubt whether one or bith of his parents were Black Europeans as well ??? Use logic.

Hint: The Stuarts were Black Europeans.

Kenny Martin said...

White people have never had any real history other than killing robbing stealing and raping cattle so they take black culture and try to turn it white these white animals are the lowest life form on the planet they carry all types of diseases and has started every war on this planet these are truly the devil's children this entire planet was all black white people are mutant Mountain monkeys

Unknown said...

Kenny your 100% correct

Bobby Biship said...

Kenny your 100% correct

Isaiah Israel said...

Mary n henry were blk


@kenny Martin.. I couldn't of said it better myself.. Tamahu's time is up on this planet

lesley mitchell said...

The ignorance displayed here is almost beyond belief. What evidence do you have beyond a couple of photshopped black and white engravings? I'll tell you - none. You will not be able to find ONE contemporary description of him that describe as anything but a pale coloured, red haired Scot, which he was. Stop trying to insert yourselves into British hisotory as you always get found out with the result that the world laughs at your stupidity.