Saturday, September 5, 2015

DNA does not prove that Afro-Americans do not have Native American Heritage


The best sources say we are 65-80% Sub Saharan African, after that around 22% white European, around 2% Native American

These figures do not make Afro-Americans mainly Africans because the vast majority of Black Native Americans (BNA) living from the Four Corners Region, into the Midwest up into New England and down into the Southeast United States were direct descendents of BNA migrants directly from Africa, the BNA from Washington State down to California were predominately from Melanesia. This means that BNA were already carrying African genes when Europeans brought African slaves to the U.S.A.

The idea that Afro-Americans carry 22% white European genes is bs. The saw called Afro-Americans claimed to be carriers of white genes carry R1-M173, R1-M269 and mtDNA X. This is a joke because the pristine form of R1-M173 is found in Africa, and R1-M269 and X, are all African haplogroups. Finally, the haplogroup carried by AAs that is suppose t be Native American, is mtDNA A, which is also carried by Africans like the Mande.

The DNA evidence does not indicate that AAs are not BNA, because BNA were carriers of African genes too.

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