Thursday, April 28, 2016

Two New books on African and Dravidian Languages

I have just published two new books you may find interesting.


The Dravidian Connections: The Extra Indian Linguistic Connections of the Dravidian Languages, is the first book to explore the linguistic relation of the Tamil and people in Africa and Eurasia. The Tamil speakers originated in Africa. Today there are still Tamil speakers' in Cameroon, a country in Central Africa. In The Dravidian Connection: The Extra Indian Linguistic Connections of the Dravidian Languages we tell the story of the Tamil speakers migration out of Africa into Eurasia. It explains why many Europeans carry the R haplogroup and the Tamil substratum in many Eurasian languages.


In Archaeological Decipherment of Ancient Writing Systems I explain how archaeological evidence indicates that African literacy began in the Sahara over 5000 years ago . This earliest form of writing was a syllabic system , we call Thinite, that included hundreds of phonetic signs, which over time was shorten to between 22 and 30 key signs, and used as an alphabet by the Mande people of the Fezzan and Niger Valley, Dravidian speaking people in India, the Sumerians , Elamites, the Xi (Olmecs), Egyptians, Meroites, Phonesians and Ethiopians.

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