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Black Native American Tribes


Whites exterminating the Black Native Americans during the 1621 Thanksgiving

Alphose de Quatrefages, claimed that the black tribes of Latin America include the Choco, Manabis, Yaruras, Guarani, Charrus, Yamasee and Tzendal Chontal, in addition to numerous ethnic groups along the Orinoco river in Venezuela, and the Isthmus of Darien.
The major Native American confederations were made up of Black and Mongoloid Native Americans. These confederations include the Iroquois, Muskhoean and Algonquin. Because they were blood-brothers Black and Mongoloid Native Americans often shared the same names for their tribes.

Some of the Black Native American tribes were the Blackfeet, Cree, Choctaw , Costanoan , Kashita (Kauche-te), Lenape, Manokin, Mendica , Nanticoke , Narragansett , Naudowessie , Nianties , Ohlone , Patawomeck, Pequot , Ramapo, Shinnecock, Seneca, Seminoles, Secolan, Tamacraw, Tsoyaha, Tuscarora , Wampanoag ( or Pokanoket), Washitaw (or Ouachita), Yamasee , and Yuchi. The Black Native Americans cultivated the “Three Sisters” – maize, beans and squash.

 Black Native American Iroquois

Many Black Native Americans were “exterminated”. Others were forced into slavery. Between 1670 and 1720 100,000 Native Americans were sold into slavery in the Caribbean. After the Pequot War the captives were loaded on ships and sold in Barbados.The first American slave ships were used to transport Black Native Americans, like the Pequot to serve as slaves in the Caribbean.


Pequot being loaded on ships to be sold as slaves in Barbados

 Since the ancestors of the Black Native Americans had originated in Africa they began to be identified as Indian slave, freeman and finally “Colored”. And then as a result of bureaucratic erasure in the public records, the former black Native Americans simply became identified as “Colored”, like the former Sub-Saharan slaves , instead of Native Americans.


Pequot Indian working on a Caribbean Plantation

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