Thursday, September 10, 2015

Was Naia's DNA Haplogroup D

 Naia is suppose to be carrying haplogroup D,some researchers claim she is a modern Mongoloid Native American eventhough her cranifacial morphology is Australian, Melanesia or African.


We don't really know if Naia is a carrier of haplogroup D, instead of M, which is a common haplogroup in Africa. Prufer and Meyer in a : Comment on “Late Pleistocene human skeleton and mtDNA link Paleoamericans and modern Native Americans”, claim Naia's DNA is contaminated. Prufer and Mayer (2015) believe that due to post mortem damage Naia’s DNA was contaminated and does not represent ancient DNA. They said: However, our analysis of postmortem damage patterns finds no evidence for an ancient origin of these sequences. "


Prufer K and Meyer M (2015). Comment on Late Pleistocene human skeletons and mtDNA link
Paleoamericans and modern Native Americans. Science 20 835. 

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