Monday, October 20, 2014

New video: The Ancient Tamilar Religion: the Inspiration for the Indus Valley

Who were the people that belonged to the Indus Valley Civilization (IVC)? What did they want us to know about themselves through the over 4000 seals found in every city that made up the IVC? What do the seals and copper plates tell us about the religious traditions of the mysterious people who belonged to the IVC?

In my new video I answer these questions and more. Here I translate the Indus Valley seals (IVS), and reveal that they record the ancient Agamic traditions of the Tamil speaking Dravidians of the IVC. This video is important and should be seen by everyone because for the first time in history the Tamil of the IVS speak to us in their own words, and tell us their devotion to their totemic Gods, and the Tamilar cultural values that guided their interactions, between, and among each other.

Through the ancient voices recorded in the IVS we discover the Tamilar cultural values that inspired the production and wearing of IVS over 3000 years ago. After viewing this video you will understand why the Tamil of the IVC began to make the Talismanic IVS to express their desire to adhere to Goodness, and request from their individual God a balanced Karma and a righteous and glorious Fate.

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Friday, October 10, 2014

Roots of West African Muslim Militants

What Muslim Africa is experiencing today I predicted back in the 1980’s.

Many people assume that since Africans became Muslims, they naturally adopted Arab ways. This is far from true.

To be a Muslim is to only declare there is one god and pray five times a day. To legislate within the Muslim lands you followed a particular fiqh. In the case of most of Black Africa it was Maliki.

Even up to the jihad of Uthman dan Fodio, African Islam had nothing to do with the Arab way of life. Uthman dan Fodio, after he returned from Mecca, preached against Wahhabism and he supported Freedom for women. This changed only in the 1980’s when Saudi Arabia was able to use oil money to spread the Wahhabi fiqh.

The Dark Age of Africa, then, only came after the 1890’s when European powers conquered African nations, and again in the 1990”s as greedy African Muslims sold their souls to the Saudis for a few silver pieces. The shame of Africa, is that although Europeans ruled African nations directly for less than 75 years, they continue to dominate the minds of African rulers and the African Muslim middle class who maintain a dark age in Africa up to today.

The Muslim elites in Africa abandoned their heritage to suck up to Europeans. This left African traditional Muslims leaderless. In the 1980’s the Wahhabis began to spend millions of dollars to spread their brand of Islam around the world. The failure to integrate common Muslims in the development of Nigeria led to the problems we are having in West Africa today.

The radical jihadism common to Africa will decline after the fall of Arabia as an economic power. After this traditional African Muslim tolerance will overcome Turkish/Indo-Aryan social customs which dominate the “Islamism” of African youth. This will hasten as more and more West African Mulims make the hajj and experience the deep racism Africam Muslims experience in Arabia and Egypt.

Below are some research papers I wrote on this theme back in the day.