Monday, April 15, 2013

Atlantis in Mexico, 2 edition

I have just republished my book Atlantis in Mexico. This is a revised edition of my 2005 book. In the new edition I have included chapters on the Olmec Calendar and  King BiPo who's obituary is written on Cascajal stela.

Clyde Winters, PhD in this revised edition of Atlantis in Mexico gives us a history of the magnificent Olmec civilization founded by African explorers in Mexico. The Olmec civilization is recognized by many archaeologists as the “Mother Culture” of Mexico.

In this book Dr. Winters discusses the rise of the first civilization in Mesoamerica. He explains how the Olmec originated in Africa, sailed to the Gulf of Mexico, built pyramids and introduced writing to the Maya. . In the latest edition of this book Dr. Winters provides a translation of the Cascajal stela, and Olmec calendrics.

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Friday, April 12, 2013

Meroitic Writing and Literature

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In Meroitic Writing and Literature is divided into three parts. The first part of the book explains how I used the Kushana hypothesis to completely decipher the Meroitic script. It will outline the Classical literature that informed my decipherment of Meroitic and how Buddhists early settled in Upper Egypt and the Meroitic Empire and spread their religion and writing system: Tocharian.

In Part two we outline the grammar of Meroitic. It will provide readers with a detailed overview of the Meroitic language and its grammar.

Part Three provides translations of key Meroitic. These texts provide knowledge of the lifeway’s of the Meroites especially their religion and some historical data.

The Meroitic literature discussed in this book include : The Inscriptions of Tanyidamani; The Meroitic Chamber Inscription of Philae; and Meroitic Evidence for a Blemmy Empire in the Dodekaschoinas. These text were chosen because they include text written in archaic Meroitic (Tanyidemani), and other text written in late Meroitic.

Meroitic Writing and Literature, is the first account of the Meroitic language and literature. It will allow readers the opportunity to learn how to read/decipher Meroitic text, while acquiring an intimate knowledge of the Meroites as individuals.

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Monday, April 8, 2013

I have just published a new book on the ancient Egyptians.

Using genetic, anthropological, linguistic and historical evidence Dr. Clyde Winters explains that ancient Egypt was a multiethnic society in which each of the 42 sepats or nomes (Egyptian administrative centers) was dominated by a different ethnic group, who probably spoke various Niger-Congo languages. It illustrates that because Egypt was a multi-ethnic and multi-lingual society the ancient Egyptian language is related to languages spoken in Black Africa. Egyptian Language: The Mountains of the Moon, Niger-Congo Speakers and the Origin of Egypt illustrates that because of the existence of each sepat originally as an independent state meant that once the sepats were united into Kemit, Egyptian scholars were forced to create a lingua franca to provide the Egyptian people with a single means of communication for governmental, religious, intellectual and commercial purposes. The genetic relationship between ancient Egyptian and Black African languages make it clear that ancient Egypt or Kemit was a Pan-African civilization and that the Egyptian language is a link language used to unite the regional languages formerly spoken in the sepats of ancient Egypt.

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Before Egypt: The Maa Confederation, Africa's first Civilization

By my new book on the first great civilization of Africa titled: Before Egypt: The Maa Confederation, Africa's First Civilization.

European researchers asked Africans if a great civilization formerly existed in Africa and they were told yes. The name they gave this great civilization was Maa.

In this book Dr. Clyde Winters will discuss the history and anthropology of Africa’s first civilization : The Maa Confederation. The Maa Confederation was the original homeland of the Egyptians, Mande, Sumerians , Elamites and Dravidian speaking people. I call these people Proto-Saharans or Maaites. They worshipped Seth and Amon/Amma.

Dr. Clyde Winters is an anthropologist and educator. He has taught Education and Linguistic courses at Governors State University and Saint Xavier University-Chicago.

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African Empires in Ancient America

Please order my latest book on Blacks in Ancient America. The book is called :African Empires in Ancient America.

African Empires in Ancient America tells the story of the numerous African groups who colonized Mexico, North and South America. Today most people believe that African people never voyaged outside Africa except as slaves. This is false, the Dafuna boat discovered in Nigeria dates back to 12,000 BC. And hundreds of ancient African boats have been engraved on rocks in the Sahara desert.

Boats from Magan (Egypt) and Meluhha (Kush-East Africa) are mentioned in Sumerian cuneiform text. In this book you will discover that Africans have a long tradition of sea exploration and founded many of the major American civilizations.

Although many people have heard about the possible discovery of America by Mansa Abubakari of the Mali Empire, and the giant Olmec heads of Mexico, Dr. Clyde Winters gives a detailed account of the Malian colonies established by these West Africans in North America and Brazil.

You will discover the role of the Xi, or Olmec people as the Mother Culture of Mexico. Dr. Winters outlines the Axumite discovery of America, and the role of the Ethiopians in the rise of Mochica civilization and religion. In addition, this book discusses the ancient Sumerian influence in South America, and the African role as Mound Builders in the United States. African Empires in Ancient America is the only book that finally explores the history of Black colonization of the Americas before Columbus. It is a must read for anyone interested in a true history of America.  You can order the book from

The Meroitic Language

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The Meroitic Language, provides a detailed account of the language of the Kushites who founded the Meroitic Empire. In Meroitic Language, Dr. Winters explains his decipherment of the Meroitic language and provides an outline of the grammar of the Meroitic language.

Meroitic language provides readers with the necessary tools to read the Meroitic inscriptions.It also gives the reader key insight into the culture and religion of the Kushites.

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