Sunday, December 29, 2019

Latest Books by Dr. Clyde Winters

African Origin World Writing Systems

In this book we discuss the African origin of the ancient writing systems used around the world. Africa has become recognized as the continent where man and language originated. In this book we explain that Africans have had writing for over 5000.It explains how writing originated in Africa and expanded from Africa to Eurasia through the spread of the ancient Kushites.

Meroitic Relations with Tocharian and the  Nile Valley Languages

Meroitic Relations with Tocharian and the Nile Valley Languages

The Meroitic script was used by the Kushites of the Nile Valley. In this book we explain that the cognate language of Meroitic was the Kushana or Tocharian language used by Buddhists to write their scriptures. Due to identification of the Meroitic language we can now read Meroitic and illustrates that it compares favorably to other languages spoken in the Sudan.