Monday, March 29, 2010

Evidence of African Settlement of Ancient America

The modern Amerinds have nothing to do with the original settlers of the Americas who came from Africa not Siberia.

1) the Australians represent the OOA population that settled Asia

2) during the OOA event mush of Siberia and North America was under ice from 110,000 - 10,000BC. As a result there was no way Siberians could cross Beringa before the end of the ice age

3) Ice even separated much of South America east to west


4) the first Americans appear in Brazil, Chile and Argintina Latin America around 30,000 BC

5)using craniometric evidence I have pointed out that the first Americans look like Africans not modern Amerinds

6) using craniometrics I have pointed out that Asia was dominated by the Australian population until the rise of Suhulland when the Melanesian people appear in the area, at this time the Beringa was still under Ice

7) I pointed out that the Melanesian type reach East Asian mainland by 5000 BC, long after Africans had settled Latin America

8) between 15,000-12,000 we see numerous African populations in Mexico and Brazil; and statues dating to this period have even been found off the Yucatan coast in the Caribbean

9) these first Americans did not look like the Australians or modern Amerinds

10) iconography of PreClassic people like the Cherla, Ocos and other groups is of Negroes not Amerinds like the Maya

11) Amerind groups not associated with African slaves carry African genes

12) Maya carried African y chromosome

13) Mayans carry African genes

14)Negrocostachicanos claim that they have never been slaves and are indigenous to Guererro and Oaxaca on the Pacific coast

In conclusion, the first Americans came from Africa--not Siberia. These people probably came to the Americas by boat.


Dave Myers said...

Thank you for your continued work Dr. Winters!

Dave Myers said...

Thank you for your continued work Dr. Winter!

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Thank you for the interesting information ! Thomas Hall Germany