Sunday, December 12, 2010

African Glaciers and Slant Eyes Among African and Black People

Enviromental factors have also played a role in the development of the African/Black Variety. For example , the narrow slanted eyes of most Blacks living in the Sahel, South India and Northeast and West Africa such as the Dravidians, some Egyptians, Nubians, Fulani and Ethiopians, are probably adaptations of Blacks during the previous Ice Age, when much of the area around Lake Chad is suppose to have been a glacial area.

Many scholars believe that the melting of these glaciers may have been the cause for the appearence of numerous Lakes, rivers and streams in the Sahara. The narrow slanted eyes of Blacks here in the United States and Western Africa result from the descent from African people who formed an extra layer of fat to keep out the cold of the Ice Age. This cold and ice had little effect on the skin color/pigmentation of the African.


Ethiopedia said...

This is very interesting. The Kalahari people are also possess slanted eyes as well as yellowish skin. Europeans were quick to conclude that the Khosian and Bushmen were in fact of Asiatic origin until they discovered that they were in fact one of the oldest African races on the African continent.

... said...

Couldn't it also be true that there were originally 3 types of human ape and nuances, even full-blown colour changes are down to interbreeding of all three apes.
Just as there were periods when Black conquered white and vice-versa, there would have been periods where yellow conquered white and black.
Surely this makes much more sense than a layer of fat produced during an ice age.