Monday, April 8, 2013

Before Egypt: The Maa Confederation, Africa's first Civilization

By my new book on the first great civilization of Africa titled: Before Egypt: The Maa Confederation, Africa's First Civilization.

European researchers asked Africans if a great civilization formerly existed in Africa and they were told yes. The name they gave this great civilization was Maa.

In this book Dr. Clyde Winters will discuss the history and anthropology of Africa’s first civilization : The Maa Confederation. The Maa Confederation was the original homeland of the Egyptians, Mande, Sumerians , Elamites and Dravidian speaking people. I call these people Proto-Saharans or Maaites. They worshipped Seth and Amon/Amma.

Dr. Clyde Winters is an anthropologist and educator. He has taught Education and Linguistic courses at Governors State University and Saint Xavier University-Chicago.

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