Monday, May 6, 2013

New Book: The Ancient Black Civilizations of Asia

Since the Atlantic slave trade a myth has become fact that African/Black people did not have any civilization. This myth was created to justify the enslavement and murder of millions of Africans in the Americas.

In The Ancient Black Civilizations of Asia , Dr. Clyde Winters examines and discusses the linguistic, anthropological, and historical evidence supporting the origination of civilization in Asia by Blacks from Africa. It tells the story of the settlement of Asia beginning with the first out of Africa exit 60kya of the people of Australia, the Anu (pygmy) expansion 12kya, Kushite spread after 4000 BC, on up until the Axumite or Naga settlement of Southeast Asia.

The Ancient Black Civilizations of Asia , provides documented and pictorial evidence of Black people in the founding of the first civilizations of Asia. This book is richly illustrated. The pictures come from a wonderful history site called: The World’s First Civilizations were All Black Civilizations

The Ancient Black Civilizations of Asia provides a detailed discussion of the Black civilizations in East Asia, the Pacific Islands and Southeast Asia. This book outlines the technological and cultural contributions of Black people to world history. It is the missing link in world history that finally provides a true history of the World.

Dr. Clyde Winters is an anthropologist, linguist and educator. He has taught education and linguistics at Governors State University and Saint Xavier University.

 Ancient Civilizations of Asia (Kindle)


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