Sunday, September 14, 2014

CHINESE Carry African clades.

The majority of M clades in Asia are carried by Dravidian people, Dravidian people originated in Africa and belonged to the C-Group people. Moreover, M1 is recognized as an African haplogroup. as a result,

Haplotypes with HVSI transitions defining 16129-16223-16249-16278-16311-16362; and 16129-16223-16234-16249-16211-16362 have been found in Thailand and among the Han Chinese (Fucharoen et al, 2001; Yao et al, 2002) and these were originally thought to be members of Haplogroup M1.

However, on the basis of currently available FGS sequences, carriers of these markers have been found to be in the D4a branch of Haplogroup D , the most widespread branch of M1 in East Asia (Fucharoen et al, 2001; Yao et al, 2002). The transitions 16129,16189,16249 and 16311 are known to be recurrent in various branches of Haplogroup M, especially M1 and D4.

As you can see geneticist change the name of haplogroups to create confusion and deny relationships between Africans and non-Africans.

Another example is V88, although it is R1-M173, it was given another name to make it appear to be different from the R1 group.

In summary CHINESE carry African clades.


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