Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Khoisan Introduced haplogroup R1 among the First Europeans


Myres et al argues that the neolithic European gene pool was probably influenced most, by events in Western Europe, rather than intrusive pioneer farmers from the Near East(1). They argue that R1b  lineage , phylogeographic and temperal patterns support a Central European origin for this clade and not a recent genetic heritage from Anatolia.

The archaeogenetic evidence fails to support this conclusion. The genetic, craniometric and archaeological evidence all support a Khoisan , rather than Southwest Asian or Central European origin for R1b, just like the Khoisan origin of hg N among the Aurignacians and Salutreans.
The presence of R1 among the ancient Europeans also supports their Khoisan origin . C. M Schlebusch, in her PhD Dissertation Genetic Variation in Khoisan-Speaking populations from Southern Africa , found R1b widespread among the Khoisan. She noted that the percentage of Khoisan carrying Rb1 was:
Karretjie  0.105
Khomani  0.182
Nama    0.071
Naro      0.500
Herero  0.067

Among the Herero 0.067% carried R1a1.

The Khoisan first crossed into Europe from Africa, landing in Iberia 44kya.


Richard Høy said...

Interesting, but why are the OvaHerero being portrayed as being Khoisan in origin (since they're lumped with the other KhoiSan ethnicities) ? We do not consider ourselves to be related to Khoisan people, at least not closely related (obviously, there has been intermingling) .


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