Monday, January 8, 2018

Population Genetics is a Social Science, not a Hard Science Field

I am very surprised Afrocentric researchers fail to realize that population genetics is a social science instead of a hard science. That is why it promotes the same Hamitic myths in relation to Africa, and its people, that were popularized by Anthropologist for the past 200 years.

Don't you see that the papers they publish are only descriptive papers, describing the haplogroups they put in their studies while they mask out any evidence of African origins of the genes. Or they rename lineages to mask the African origin of a clade, e.g., mtDNA D4, in Africa is really African M1.

Afro-Americans go into the biodiversity  forums expecting to contribute to the phylogeographical and population genetics discussion groups and they block you or delete your post. But like Negroes in the past with hat in hand they revisit these sites and are humiliated again and again, while you try to sit at the table with the deck stacked against you. The deck is stacked because Afro-Americans see population genetics as a new field, that can be helpful in understanding history when in reality it promotes white Supremacy. It is nothing but a subbranch of anthropology.

In the past researchers attempted to justify their claims via archaeogentics. That is, supporting their research with support of linguistics and archaeological research. This worked out fine until they wanted to study ancient DNA (aDNA). This was a disastrous move/ Immediately, they found that contemporary people living in Europe failed to carry genes that matched the ancient Europeans. As a result, researchers began to promote the idea that only Negroes lived in sub-Saharan Africa, especially West, east and South Africa. Blacks in Melanesia were no longer Negroes, while Northeast Africans were again "Hamites", i.e., "Black skinned whites". 

Everything was moving along fine in the promotion of White supremacy via population genetics research until 2009 when Cruciani tried to reclassify most African  R1b1 clades into V88. Geneticist were able to disguise the genetic evidence that Dravidians carried M1, and promote the idea that most M1 lineages only occurred outside Africa, epecially around the Mediterranean and white Berber North Africa. This allowed them to maintain the lie M1 is probably the result of a back migration even though they have no archaeological evidence to support this lie.

Cruciani renamed much of African R1b1 : V88. This upset the Eurocentrics because they found that the so-called basal Europeans , and European Hunter-Gatherers mainly carried R1b1 and the other clades associated with V88. 


Up to 2010, R1b1 was recognized as an African genome. After 2010, the name R1b1 carried by Africans , was changed to R-L278.

In 2010, R-V88 was originally named R1b1a and ; R-V8, was named R1b1a2. Today R-V88 is named R1b1a2, and R1b1a is renamed R-L754. Changing the name is a smokescreen , because R-L754 is still R1b1a.

Eurocentricts have no limit to their blatant and stealthily rewriting of history to "whiteout" Black and African people. The aDNA of the CHG and EF of Europe is R1b1a2. Although ISOGG 216 makes it clear this haplogroup is V88, in the research literature they are referring to this clade (R1b1a2) as R1b-P312/M269 , eventhough M269 is R1b1a1a2.

The presence of R1b1a2 in Europe is explained by the migration of the Kushites into Europe via Gibraltar and Anatolia. But, because Eurocentricswant to white Blacks out of Europe they have fooled people into believing R1b1 is a European clade, instead of V88.

Given the desire to support White Supremacy you will always be humiliated in so-called bioforums discussing population genetics because it is founded the racist concepts of the Hamitic myth.


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