Thursday, March 22, 2018

Ancient DNA found in Africa Proves the Eurasian Haplogroups are African Haplogroups

We now have ancient DNA (aDNA) from Africa. This aDNA allows us to determine the DNA carried by Africans during the Iberomaurusian  period . This aDNA is from Iberomaurusian skeletons exhumed from the archaeological site of Afalou  (15,000–11,000 YBP) in Algeria, and the archaeological site of Taforalt  (23,000–10,800 YBP) in Morocco (Kefi et al, 2016).

The researchers found five different mtDNA haplogroups: H, U, J, J1c3f and T2 (Kefi et al, 2016).  Van de Loosdrechtet al,  (2018), found that Taforalt population carried haplogroups M1b and U6. This makes it clear that as early as 10.8kybp-23kybp Africans were carrying mtDNA haplogroups: H, U, J, J1c3f. M1b, T2 and U6. The Y-chromosome among the Taforalt population was haplogroup E1b1ba1 (M-78) (Loosdrechtet al,2018) .

van de Loosdrecht M., Abdeljalil Bouzouggar, Louise Humphrey, Cosimo Posth, Nick Barton. (2018). Pleistocene North African genomes link Near Eastern and sub-Saharan African human populations. PUBLISHED ONLINE15 MAR 2018, DOI: 10.1126/science.aar8380

Kefi R., Meriem Hechmi, Chokri Naouali, Haifa Jmel, Sana Hsouna, Eric Bouzaid, Sonia Abdelhak, Eliane Beraud-Colomb & Alain Stevanovitch (2016) On the origin of Iberomaurusians: new data based on ancient mitochondrial DNA and phylogenetic analysis of Afalou and Taforalt populations, Mitochondrial DNA Part A, 29:1, 147-157, DOI: 10.1080/24701394.2016.1258406

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