Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Africans took the Solutrean culture to USA

 In my paper the: The  Paleoamericans came from Africa , I explained that Khoisan from Africa took the Solutrean culture to North America. 

Recent research makes it clear that here is continuity between the DNA carried by Paleoamericans and Africans.


My research is confirmed by the DNA.

In On the peopling of the Americas: molecular evidence for the Paleoamerican and the
Solutrean models", by Dejian Yuan and Shi Huang this research confirms my proposition that Africans introduced the Solutrean culture to North America. The authors wrote that.

 "Morphological analyses of early skeletons in the Americas have suggested that characteristics
of some Pleistocene and early Holocene skeletons are different from present-day Native
Americans and fall within the variation of present-day indigenous people in South Pacific
(Australians, Melanesians, Polynesians, and Negritos) and certain sub-Saharan African groups
(1-3). This is particularly so for the first South Americans, while the first North Americans seem
to be somewhere in between modern South Pacific and Europeans. No resemblance was noted
between the first Americans and either Northeast Asians or modern Native Americans. This has
led to the Paleoamerican hypothesis that the initial pioneer population in the Americas had
common ancestry with indigenous people in South Pacific which was largely replaced by
populations with Northeast Asian affinities in the early Holocene but may have persisted in
some locations in South America such as the extinct Pericúes and Fuego-Patagonians (4, 5).

We examined the Solutrean hypothesis by testing whether Anzick-1 may be specifically related
to the ~18720 year old El Miron from the Magdalenian culture in Spain (preceded by the
Solutrean) while the other two ancient Amerindians may not (35). In distance to EUR samples,
El Miron was the only ancient DNA among all examined that showed positive correlation only
with Anzick-1 but not with the other two ancient Amerindians Kennewick Man and Saqqaq (Fig.
4A). The correlation of other European aDNAs with Anzick-1 likely indicates a general European
element but not special ancestry relationship as they were also similarly correlated with the
other two ancient Amerindians. The ~7300 year old farmer CB13 from Spain was the most
correlated with Anzick-1 among European aDNAs, consistent with a special connection between
El Miron and Anzick-1 and local genetic continuity."


.This new research supports the fact that foundational Black Americans are descendants of the first Americans.

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