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What Happened to the Ancient Black Mexicans

There are eyewitness accounts of Blacks living in Meso-America when the Spanish arrived in the Americas.These Blacks were honored by the mongoloid Mayans gods. On the Chama  vase we see a mongoloid Mayan king greeting a Black personage visiting his court.

The chin of the Mayan King is red thus denoting that he was not a Black Mayan Indian. In addition some of the Mayan gods were depicted as Blacks or Negroes.

Before the Maya, especially during Olmec times mongoloid Mexicans lived peacefully with the Black Mexicans and adopted their culture. But we see at Monte Alban , some mongoloid people and Blacks were in violent conflict as evident in the danzante stone engravings below.


Many people ask me what happened to the Black Native Central Americans and Black Mexicans. Euronuts and Mestizos argue that if the Spanish truely saw Black Mexicans 500 years ago what happened to them. The answer is simple, the Spanish ignored the Mexican heritage of the Black Mexicans and declared that, since they were Negroes, they were African slaves.This means that many Black Mexicans and Blacks in Belize, Guatemala and Hondurus are descendants of the Blacks seen in these areas when the Spanish came to the Americas in 1492. Mestizos, who carry a large amount of white DNA are jealous of Blacks. Look at how they steal everything that Blacks create culturally in the U.S., and then try to attack Blacks in cities like L.A.Today the most vocal attacks on Black Mexicans and Afro-Americans, come from Mestizos, whoes European ancestry deny that they have a connection with the ancient mongoloid and Black Mexicans.

Granted, Mestizos carry African and Black DNA, but they ignore this heritage because they feel that since whites are in power embracing "white supremacy" makes them superior to Blacks generally. Since, Mestizos are the product of three groups: African, European and Indian, it seems that they should not attack Afro-Americans because they are part of their ethnic heritage.Yet they attack Afro-Americans so they can feel superior to Afro-Americans--in an environment where whites control the government and white supremacy is the rule.

Seeing the poverty conditions of Blacks in Mexico and Central America no one would believe that they built Mexican civilization. But the images of Blacks in pyramid murals and on vases, along with the eyewitness accounts of the Spanish denoting Black Mexicans and Central Americans evidence former supremacy of Blacks in Meso-America.

If you notice you don't find Mexican Indians attack the idea that the civilizations of Mexico were introduced by Black people. No it is the Mestizo who attack the idea there were Black and mongoloid group.

Black Mexicans built Mexican civilization. Beginning with the Mongoloid Indians at Monte Alban outsiders have been attempting to steal the history of the Black Mexicans.

At Monte Alban we see figures of Black men mutilated with their penises disfigured. Non-Negro Mexicans have been murdering Black Mexicans, since they took Monte Alban from the Black Indians.

Today some Mestizoes, due to jealousy of Blacks continue to steal the civilization and culture built by the Black Mexicans.The Dna and facial features of contemporary Mexican betry their African heritage. Racist Mestizos and Euronuts argue that the Black Mexicans could not have disappeared in 500 years. They are wrong the Black Mexicans have not disappeared, what has happened is that their history has been stolen by mongoloid and European people.

Some mongoloid Mexicans, like those at Monte Alban that have left us horrible images of mutilated black males , have always been jealous of the black Mexicans. These racists steal elements of Black Civilizations, but they could not sustain the civilizational elements due to their racism and the "Mayan" civilization of the mongoloid Maya fell into decline,

At Monte Alban, we see statues of the danzante. The danzante are engraved stone slabs depicting show Black Mexican males with their penis split or flayed. They were done to show how the mongoloid people hated Black people, and a warning to Blacks not to attempt to take back the town.

Even with the loss of Monte Alban, the Black Mexicans continued to prosper in Mexico up to the coming of the Spanish. The mongoloid Indians joined the Spanish and overthrew the Black Aztecs--but the joke was on them because the Spanish next defeated the local jealous mongoloid tribes and killed them off.

Next the Spanish declared the Black Mexicans were "Africans", because they were negroes. Forced to live like the African slaves they loss their history, because the Spanish burned their books and killed their scholars. With the destruction of the Black Mexican history text and scholars began the myth that the founders of Mayan civilization were mongoloid people. This lie was maintained because the artfacts found at Mayan sites were mainly of mongoloids. This changed after archaeologist began to dig inside of the pyramids. What they found at sites like Xultun ans San Bartolo was that there were subpyramids under the Mongoloid Mayan pyramids that contained iconographic images of the Black Mayans, and inscriptions written in the Olmec writing.

Above is a mural from Xultun. The inscription indicates that these Black men in this murals were engineers and architects.

In summary the ancient Black Mexicans continue to live in Mexico--they are just called Africans today. Today some Mestizoes are still trying to steal the history of the Black Mexicans, began by mongoloid Indians at Monte Alban but a lie cannot stand--Black Mexicans will one day regain their glory and take back Mexico .

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