Sunday, March 1, 2015

Black Native Americans in War and Peace

Some racist and non-Black Native Americans claim Black people did not go to war against whites. This is wrong Black Native Americans had many wars with the whites, but like the Aztecs they were sold out by mongoloid Indians who joined the whites so they could take away the native lands of Black Native Americans. You don’t know anything about the Wars Native Black Americans had with the whites. This is especially true of the Yamasee. 

Much of what is now Georgia was a stronghold of the Native Black Americans. These Blacks lived predominately from the Smoky Mountains in North Carolina southward as far as St. Augustine ,Florida.
The vast majority of Native Black Americans lived in California, or along the Eastern seaboard in North America. They belonged to many Confederations including the Muskhoean and Algonquin. Some of their tribal names include Tuscarora, Secolan,  Tamacraw, Nanticoke, Kashita (Kauche-te), and Yamasee.

The Yamasee , was a tribe of Black Native Americans who originally lived in Florida and southern Georgia until they forced to migrate North into South Carolina by the Spanish in the 16th Century. The Yamasee were part of the  Muskhogean Confederacy. This was a Confederacy of mongoloid and Black Native Americans.

The whites began to steal the Yamasee lands. By 1715, the Yamasee  leading a Confederation of other tribes attacked the whites to drive them off their lands. The Cherokee who were part of the Muskogean Confederation broke away and formed an alliance with the  British in 1718 and helped defeat the Yamasee.

The Yamasee who were not killed were sold into slavery. Most of the Yamasee fled back into their ancestral homeland in Florida, which by this time was settled by the Creek.

 The Yamasee were  virtually wiped out due to  protracted combat with the Creeks, who felt they were trying to take over their land. Some Yamasee  joined  the Seminole tribe. In return, the Cherokee took control  of Yamasee land.

 If not for the break-away of the Cherokee the whites would have been defeated.

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