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Dr. Clyde Winters On-Line Course Course Catalog

201. Blacks in Europe Before the the Europeans .In this course we will discuss the historical, linguistic and anthropological evidence which relates to
the presence of Blacks in Europe; and the coming of the Indo-Europeans. Special mention will be made of the 1) migration routes the Blacks took to
enter Europe;2) the presence of
Blacks in ancient European myths; and 3) the African origin of the Greek gods.

202. Africa and India. In this course we will discuss the relationship between Africans and Dravidians in relation to their common origin, genetic linguistic unity, and the reasons behind their outward differences in physical features.

203. History of Blacks in Asia In this course we will explore the rise of Black empires in ancient China , especially their role in the founding of the Xia and First Shang Empire. This course will also explore the
rise of the Kushite nations of China , their decline and the migration of these Black Chinese onto the Pacific Islands,India, Southeast Asia and Japan.

204. Afrocentric Historiagraphy
This course will be concerned with examining the major
Afrocentric scholors of the 20th century and their
 methods of research. The scholars discussed in this
course include DuBois, Chacellor Williams,D.D. Houston,G.W.
Parker, Diop,Th. Obenga and others. of the world.
205. Introduction to Afrocentric History
This course will emphasize theoretical and practical aspects ancient Afrocentric history . This is a lecture discussion course intended to acquaint students with the broad contours of the ancient historical experiences of blacks in Africa (Egypt and Kush), Mesopotamia, China, Greece and the Americas; and nurture skilled teaching in this area.

206. Introduction to African Comparative Linguistics
This course will examine the comparative linguistic method in relation to African and Dravidian languages. In this course you will learn the' basic comparative linguistic method , while discovering aspects of Afro -Indo linguistics and the relationship between African and Egyptian languages.
208. The Decipherment of the Indus Vallev writing
In this course the student will dis-cover the Dravidian origin of this script. Students 'will learn the
'basic grammar of the Indus Valley
writing and method of decipherment. By the end of the course students will be able to read the various Indus Valley seals, and understand aspects of the Harappan religion.

207. Decipherment of the Manding And Olmec Scripts. In this course the student will learn how to decipher the Manding script. The Manding script was used to write Minoan Linear A,the Libyco-Berber inscriptions of the Western Sahara and the Olmec writing of ancient America. This course will provide the student with knowledge of the grammar and script of the Manding writing systems. The student will also obtain a basic dictionary of the script and methods of reading the symbols.

208. Blacks in Ancient America.  This survey course deals with the origins of the various Black population in the Americas. We will discuss the various ancient Black Civilizations in Mexico, North and South America.

Application On-Line Course

Are you interested in knowing more about the origin of Black/African people and their ancient history? If the answer is YES, you may be interested in taking an Afrocentric course at home. The Afrocentric study course is designed to help people become aware of the Afrocentric historical and linguistic experience.
These Distance courses will make students aware of the pluridisplinary approach to Afrocentric studies used by C.A. Diop and J.A. Rogers.

The Afrocentric independent studies courses can be taken at any time during the year. Each course last between 6 and 15 weeks depending on the amount of readings necessary for understanding specific historical experiences.

This Afrocentric studies program is not a part of any University. These courses are offered on a private basis by Dr. Clyde Winters. NO Grades will be given.

The sole purpose of this learning program is to teach aspects of Afrocentric studies to the interested public. Work completed in this program of study can not be transferred toward a university degree. But you can earn a Certificate of Participation.

The student will be provided with 1) selected articles and readings associated with the course; 2) lectures will be provided via e-mail. Students will be responsible for purchasing the text used in the course. Other Reading material for each course will be supplied via electronically.

The student will complete a mid-term and final Questionnaire to determine his/her comprehension of the course matter. This questionnaire will be re -turned to the instructor via email. Student will email the instructor

The instructor will reply to such to the questions via email. Satisfactory completion of the 6th or 9th week comprehensive questionnaire leads to the award of the Certificate of Participation. If you are a teacher you can be awarded C.P.D.U.s that can be used toward State Recertification.

The aims of these courses are to increase the student's appreciation of Afrocentric historical themes; they cannot improve, enhance. or add to the skills and abilities of the individual relative to occupational responsibilities or career opportunities .


In this course the student will pay application fee: $25.00

Tuition: $460.00 per course due within two week after notification of acceptance in program. Payment will be done through Paypal.

This includes a  Nonrefundable material fee of $100.00 to pay for required readings and text.

Tuition Refund Schedule
Student who desires to withdraw from a course will send the instructor an email requesting withdrawal from the course. A student who is given approval to withdraw will follow the following Refund Schedule:
Opening Day: $360
2nd-3rd week of school $260.00
4th week of school  $150.00
After 5th week of school no refund

Circle or check the course(s) in which you
will register.

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 You may take only two (2) courses each Quarter.

Uthman dan Fodio Institute

Complete application on following page. Return this page and the next to complete the application process. Make all money orders or certified checks payable to Clyde Winters. You can also pay via Paypal.

Non Refundable: $25 Application fee must accompany this application.

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