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Pioneering study proves Olmec DNA is African DNA

The Olmec people were Mande speaking people who migrated to Mexico around 1200 BC. This was supported by the fact that they called themselves Xi and the textual evidence found in Izapa  Stela #5.  Izapa Stela # 5  shows the Olmecs sailing on a boat to Mexico.

This reality was further confirmed by Olmec skeletons , and inscribed Olmec artifacts excavated on Olmec sites. The decipherment of the Olmecs text indicated they spoke a Malinke-Bambara language that belongs to the Mande family of languages.



We now have Olmec DNA. Enrique  Villamar Becerril (1),  has found that the Olmec carried mtDNA  A, which is a subclade of the Macrohaplogroup N. Haplogroup N originated in Africa.
Enrique wrote: "The pioneering study of ADNMT carried out on Olmec individuals, one from San Lorenzo and the other from Loma del Zapote, resulted, in both cases, in the unequivocal presence of the distinctive mutations of the “A” maternal lineage. That is, the origin of the Olmecs is not in Africa but in America, since they share the most abundant of the five mitochondrial haplogroups characteristic of the indigenous populations of our continent: A, B, C, D and X. “

The discovery that the Olmec carried haplogroup A does not prevent the Olmec from being African as claimed by Villamar Bercerril , because foundational Blacks in the United States and Africans, including the Mande speakers carry mtDNA A, X and etc.

There are no “pure” Mexindians. Lisker (5) noted that between 5-50% of Indian genes are African genes. The Mixe, Zenu , Wayuu and other Mexican groups with YAP+ associated A-G transition at DYS271. Haplotype DYS271  is of African origin. In addition,  The Maya speaking Ch’ol and Chontal at Campeche carry R-M173, E1b1b, K and T. These are DNA haplogroups common to Africans.


Indian y-chromosome haplogroups C and D show African admixture at locus DYS271.  The American mtDNA haplogroups A and B are part of the haplogroup N macrohaplogroup.
African people carry mtDNA A common to mongoloid Native Americans and  y-chromosome R, so they probably passed on these genes to mongoloid Native Americans

The mtDNA A haplogroup common to Mexicans is also found among the Mande speaking people and some East Africans (2-4). Haplogroup A is found among Mixe and Mixtecs (2).The Mande speakers carry mtDNA haplogroup A, is common among Mexicans (4). In addition to the Mande speaking people of West Africa, Southeast Africa Africans also carry mtDNA haplogroup A (3).
In addition to DNA, the Spanish explorers reported many Africans in Mexico. The Spanish explorers mentioned Black Nations and Black tribes in the Americas, they met, even before African slaves were landed in America. The Spanish said the Aztecs were Negroes.

 Paul Gaffarel noted that when Balboa reached America he found "negre veritables" or true Blacks. Balboa noted "...Indian traditions of Mexico and Central America indicate that Negroes were among the first occupants of that territory." This is why so many Mexicans have "African faces".
In conclusion, Olmec have left us many skeletons, and textual evidence indicating that they were Mande speakers. We have also illustrated that The Spanish found many African communities when they came to America. As , a result, it is only natural that the Olmecs carried African genes like mtDNA haplogroup A. Moreover the presence of haplogroup A among the Olmec, result from Mande speakers carrying this haplogroup in Africa.

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Unknown said...

Man you're silly as hell. There are absolutely "pure blooded" indians in Mexico. They still speak their native languages and preserve beliefs and ways of living from before the time of colonization and genocide.

The picture you show of those faces is of Indigenous and Mestizo mexicans.

The claim that "indian blood" in mexico is "50% African" is simply a flat out lie.

And whenever anyone disagrees with your outlandish claims you scream racism. It's pitiful. You can bring glory to African heritage without erasing other peoples' history.

Unknown said...

/// Paul Gaffarel noted that when Balboa reached America he found "negre veritables" or true Blacks. Balboa noted "...Indian traditions of Mexico and Central America indicate that Negroes were among the first occupants of that territory." This is why so many Mexicans have "African faces". ////

This is so unscientific it's laughable. You are actually wielding a Euroecentric-minded man's racist/ignorant opinion to draw a conclusion similar to his. The appearance of dark skin does not make one African. You are using racial ignorance from an unqualified historical figure to claim something untrue. It is as unscientific and visibly racist as saying pictures of people in black body paint / statues carved from obsidian somehow means the subjects were black people from Africa. It is obvious you work from your conclusion first and then find evidence to prove it instead of truly studying or having compassion for mesoamerican culture. It is disgusting.

Unknown said...

And also, your followers should note you have no formal education in linguistics, archaeology, genetics, or mesoamerican history.

schel said...

Really interesting stuff! Thanks for posting.

Unknown said...

You can't take Clyde Winters seriously. This guy puts out so much misinformation and clusters together information will have you confused as cat shit. Better off sourcing people who study ancient DNA of the Americas.

Unknown said...

You can't take Clyde Winters seriously. This guy puts out so much misinformation and clusters together information will have you confused as cat shit. Better off sourcing people who study ancient DNA of the Americas.

Turn your google translate on for this link. Olmec DNA is Native American of origin!

Winters lies again said...

Another lie by Winters showing his ignorance. In his ignorance he is confusing Paternal DNA with MtDNA or maybe he is just being dishonest again since we have explained to him. What can you expect from someone who claims that Atlantis is Mexico ahahahahha

Unknown said...

Actually Europeans had already dealt with Africans so if Mexicans would have looked that different they would have been able to describe it but what they they noticed were similarities between the visuals from Africa and Mexico. It's not racist they were just stating what they saw based on what they already knew

Unknown said...

That's funny because formal education was created by eurocentric people. The 1st degree was given out by someone who did not have a degree. Van Sertima is a linguist but people say the same about him. No one actually knows where the Olmecs came from but I do know that every culture was developed first and we don't have anything showing Olmecs development from the start.

Unknown said...

All DNA is 99.9% the same the other differences only account for 0.1% of that dna. And to say you can't find any African dna in Mexico when we know all mtDNA traces back to Africa doesn't make sense. And don't forget when you compare DNA you have to compare it to more than just people in the area where the DNA is found otherwise you're only comparing oranges to oranges

Unknown said...

There was no such thing as DNA that originates from other than Africa all 6 forms of homo sapien sapien came out of Africa, and populated Asia, and Europe. Asians are 98% east African, and 2% Mongoloid so if the Olmecs share any DNA with them it's a lie to say there is no trace of African DNA. Not taking sides just presenting facts.

Unknown said...

Lmao just another afrocentric claiming every culture belongs to black people

Unknown said...

Thank you for explaining the connections of Olmec and Mande of West Africa. Very helpful to me and my own studies of the Olmec. Patricia Smart

DEWDDS said...

Bizarre. mtDNA haplogroup A doesn’t exist in Africa, except as a recent import from Asia. Perhaps the author was thinking of the male Y–DNA haplogroup A, which is present amongst West Africans, but completely absent in the Indigenous Americans. Genomically we have comparisons of both modern and ancient populations from Africa and the Americas and they are in no ways similar anymore than any other comparison of Out of Africa derived populations and sub Saharan Africans. While there is ingression of West African DNA into all populations in the modern Americas, these are recent and tied to the Atlantic Slave trade, but not earlier events. Recent ingression of foreign genomic DNA into any population is easy to distinguish from more remote ones. Genetics, unfortunately, give no connections between West Africans and Olmecs other than the Atlantic Slave Trade. As for cultural and technological, I can only say that too many people lack knowledge of just how advanced the indigenous Meso–Americans were by the arrival of others from the East during the late 15th c. CE. As for linguistic connections, not being a professional in that area of study, it still stretches credulity to claim that the Olmec language was anything close to the various Mandé dialects.

DEWDDS said...
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J.A.Moore said...

great work