Monday, January 26, 2015

Native Black Americans: War and Peace in the Carolinas


The greatest myth about the Black Native Americans is that they never existed. This myth has been perpetuated by numerous American films which record the Indian Wars with the Apache and Lakota tribes.

But the Black Native Americans had many wars first with the Spanish, and later the British colonists. These Black Native Americans lived on the Atlantic seaboard from New York, all the way down into Florida.

These Black Native Americans fought bravely for their lands. Some were sold into slavery into the Caribbean while, others were made slaves or identified as "negro freemen" in the South.

Black Native Americans have a history of fighting Europeans for their independence. Or they lost their lives fighting with the French during the French Indian War.

This was especially true in North Carolina. In North Carolina there were many Black Native Americans including the Yuchi Creek,Tuscarora and Yamasse. A large mnumber of Algonquian speaking tribes were Black Native America.


These Black Native Americans were made into slaves by the colonists. Some of them were even sold into slavery in the Caribbean. There were some Black Cherokee, but for the most part the Cherokee migrated into territory originally occupied by the Black Native American Creek, Yuchi, Tuscarora and Yamassee tribes.


At first the Europeans identified the Black Native Americans as Indians, but overtime because the Carolina Indians were predominately Negroes or Blacks, both African and Black Native American slaves were called Negroes especially after the Yamasse War.

The Black Native Americans for the most part were peaceful people. They hunted and fished or grew crops to support themselves. The British from Barbadoes upon settling the Carolinas began to enslave the Black Native Americans to take their land and force them to work their plantations.


Below is a scene of captives held by Tuscarora Indians by Baron Christoph Von Graffenried, as you can see their were different ethnicities in the drawing including Black Native Americans, and a Black European captive.


Below are Secotan from an Algonquian speaking Indian Village in North Carolina , by John White 1585. Many Algonquian speakers were Native Black Americans.


As you can see there were many Black Native American tribes in the South. Instead of telling the truth,historians claim that the only Blacks in the south were runaway slaves. This lie has been useful, for the mongoloid Indians to steal our heritage and deny that Black Native Americans ever existened.

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