Sunday, January 11, 2015

The first Americans Naia, and Luzia dating to 12,000 BC were Negroes

NAIA of Mexico

LUZIA of Brazil

Archaeologist have reconstructed the faces of ancient Americans from Brazil and Mexico. These faces are based on the skeletal remains dating back to 12,000BC.

Researchers working on these ancient people note that they resemble Negroes, instead of contemporary Native Americans.

In the  Smithsonian Magazine Dr. Chatters who found Naia's skeleton, noted that: 

“The small number of early American specimens discovered so far have smaller and shorter faces and longer and narrower skulls than later Native Americans, more closely resembling the modern people of Africa, Australia, and the South Pacific. "This has led to speculation that perhaps the first Americans and Native Americans came from different homelands," Chatters continues, "or migrated from Asia at different stages in their evolution."

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Although Dr. Chatters believes these Negroes came from Asia this seems unlikely. It is unlikely because the Ice Age would have made it impossible to sail from Asia to Mexico and Brazil at this time. These Negroes were probably Blacks from Africa. This is the most likely origin of these Blacks;  the Dafuna boat dating back to 18,000 BC, shows that Africans had boats at this early date.


Anonymous said...

Why is there not DNA done on the remains and published to so they can be compared to living people?

matu said...

Remains this old usually have no DNA on them -- a morphology is done on the skulls to see who which modern population most likely resembles them based on skull shape, size, etc.

Love said...

Naia is genetically Asian and clusters with modern day Natives

Dr. Clyde Winters said...

You are wrong at discuss Naia's DNA at the following site:

Unknown said...

Cause it would prove the lie the we all are Africans

Raymond said...

Actually debunked - nice try though.

Raymond said...

If you read the rest of the article it says her Haplogroup is Nstive American and she shares ancestry with liv and Nguyen Natives - not African, stop citing sources you dont read.

Unknown said...

Yes we all come from fish 🐟 first and than from monkeys 🐒.